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Top 5 Reasons For Raising Chickens

Raising chickensRaising chickens shouldn't be a bother. There are various reasons why people choose to raise chickens in their backyard. A few of these are indicated below.

Reason # 1 - Chickens really like leftovers

A chicken’s appetite is amazing. They are able to feed on just about everything, even their very own kind! You may now say goodbye to that unwanted leftover food rotting in your refrigerator. You will no longer need to feel guilty when you toss it in the garbage can. On top of that, you'll also save on chicken feed. However be extremely careful about what you offer them or it could be their last supper. Reduce the amount of onions and garlic in your chickens' diet.

Reason #2 - Eggs!

Who does not enjoy eggs? Have them scrambled, boiled, sunny side up, etc. Let's face it, household pets that live in comfort inside our homes don’t do much more than bark, meow, purr, and in some cases, chirp. Fish generally can be eaten, but who would wish to snack on Goldie? None of these domesticated creatures generate something edible. Well, chickens, in contrast, have plenty of advantages. Among the many benefits of raising chickens is their eggs. You are able to eat fresh eggs straight from the source. Both raw (great for women who are pregnant) or cooked, eggs obtained from chickens minutes or hours ago are definitely more delicious and nutritious compared to those bought in the supermarket. You will see that the texture and colour is much different than that of the fresh ones.

Reason #3 - Source of organic fertilizers

Your lawn or yard could have never looked better. Chickens like to freely wander around. Chickens also enjoy pecking on anything they discover that can be regarded as as food. And what exactly is food to them? Possibly anything that is organic. If you allow your chickens to walk around your space, you will discover just how much of an asset they can be. They feed on pests residing in your backyard - insects, grubs, beetles, earwigs, and anything else that comes close. As soon as the digestive function has been completed, they will convert what they have ingested into poop. However, this isn't just any type of poop but a treasure referred to as organic fertilizer. And you understand what organic fertilizers do, correct? They keep the soil healthy for vegetation to grow. Great!

Reason #4 - Low Maintenance Pets

Compared with dogs which require combing and brushing every day to keep their coat healthy and shiny, chickens don't require such soulful treatment. All you need to do is provide them with their daily requirements such as water and food. You will also have to clean their coop at least twice per month and change the beddings as well. In return, you are able to collect all of the eggs. Apart from simply gathering eggs for your own use, you could also build a small business of your own by providing poultry stores with chicken meat or fresh eggs.

Reason #5 - Grass and weed trimmers

Got that right! You can now spend less time on mowing your own lawn by raising chickens! For chickens, weeds, grasses, and leaves are treats. It is like a lifetime dessert offering. It is like having a cow in your very own yard. They'll sift through whatever it is without complaining about the hard work. Chickens will clip it and then clean it all all at once. Sure, dogs are man's best friend, but, in the case of chickens, you'll have a best friend, a lawn mower, a provider of organic and natural fertilizer and an egg producer all in one.

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